Annual Conference Ballot Interviews

Over the past year the Womaen’s Caucus Steering Committee has put an emphasis on understanding and encouraging engagement with leadership within the Church of the Brethren. Part of this energy was delightfully spent on interviewing those who are on the Annual Conference ballot this year. We teamed up with Dunker Punks and Young Adults on Fire to do our best to interview all those on the ballot. Not everyone responded to our interview requests but every effort was made to uplift all the voices of those on the ballot. 

For reference here is the ballot for the 2022 Annual Conference positions. 

Moderator Elect 

Interviews with Madalyn Metzger and Marla Bieber Abe by Jessie Houff

#132 Part 1: Moderator Elect, Ask the AC Nominees

Annual Conference Secretary

Interviews with David Schumate and Connie Burkholder by Bobbi Dykema

#132 Part 2: AC Secretary, Ask the AC Nominees

Program and Arrangements Committee

Interviews with Rachel Bucher Swank and Jacob Crouse by Anna Lisa Gross

#132 Part 3: Program + Arrangements, Ask the AC Nominees

Mission and Ministry Board, Area 1

Interviews with Joel Gibbel and Regina Holmes by Jonathan Bay

#132 Part 4: Mission + Ministry Board Area 1, Ask the AC Nominees

Mission and Ministry Board, Area 2

Interview with Rosanna Eller McFadden by Jonathan Bay

#132 Part 5: Mission + Ministry Board Area 2, Ask the AC Nominees

Bethany Theological Seminary – Colleges

Interviews with Katy Gray Brown and Jonathan Fry by Audri Svay

#132 Part 6: Trustee Representing Colleges, Ask the AC Nominees

Bethany Theological Seminary – Clergy

Interviews with Susan Stern Boyer and Laura Stone by Audri Svay

#132 Part 7: Trustee Representing Clergy, Ask the AC Nominees

Brethren Benefit Trust Board

Interviews with Kevin Boyer and Carl Eubank by Sara Davis

#132 Part 8: BBT Board, Ask the AC Nominees

On Earth Peace Board

Interview with Matt Boyer by Hannah Bentley

#132 Part 9: OEP Board, Ask the AC Nominees

Pastoral Benefits and Compensation Advisory Committee

Interview with Angela Finet by Carol Lindquist

#132 Part 10: Pastoral Compensation + Benefits, Ask the AC Nominees