Virtual Luncheon 2020 – Speaking Truth to Power

Livestream recording in partnership with Living Stream Church of the Brethren of our 2020 virtual panel. Our panelists were Gimbiya Kettering, Debbie Eisenbise and Madalyn Metzger who shared their stories and spoke truth to us. View Speaking Truth to Power

Luncheon 2019 – Gifts of Chaos

Recording of our 2019 Luncheon in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our presenters Deanna Brown and Barbara West shared their artistic processes and how they take on current times. 


PDF Resource Sheets Available for Download

Speech – Uncommon Courage

Zandra Wagoner’s speech at the 2014 Annual Conference Luncheon. A meditation on courage, this speech touches on Wagoner’s experiences and relates them to allyship. 

“Dr. Angelou explains, courage does involve exertion. It requires us to make decisions of consequence that have a personal cost…At the center of courage is the willingness to make decisions that are fateful, that matter, and have consequences.”

Download available – “Uncommon Courage” 


Letter – Power of the People’s Movement

This letter is should be read in tandem with the “Uncommon Courage” speech. It is written by Benton Rhoades and is a reflection of his time with the United Farm Workers. 

Download available – Rhoades Letter 



Information sheet – Women in Ministry

Information specific to the Church of the Brethren on women in ministry. This document will be updated soon as the statistics mentioned are almost ten years old! 

This document poses questions and discussion points for churches and hiring committees to think about to help support and facilitate opportunities for women in leadership. 

Download available – Women in Ministry 


Information sheet – Inclusive Language

This is a basic resource for starting to think about inclusive language in church services, Bible readings, prayers and any church programming.  

Download available – Inclusive Language


Information sheet – Creating Safe Spaces in our Churches

Informational resources on ways that churches can create safe spaces for different church events. 

“Safe space is not created overnight. It takes time and care to build relationships.” 

Download available –  Creating Safe Spaces in our Churches


Speaking Truth to Power Podcasts 

Messenger Radio Podcasts

In partnership with Messenger Radio, we continued the conversation started from our panel discussion “Speaking Truth to Power.” Take a listen as Anna Lisa interviews more people on how they speak truth to power. In what will be 11 different episodes. 

We have included  a few issues of The Pine Needle, an alternative student newspaper from the late 1960s at Manchester College (now University) in this section as it is relevant to Episode 10. As Barbara Daté, one of the founders and editors recalls, “pine needles are good for poking and prodding.”