Steering Committee

Bobbi Dykema, convener

Bobbi is currently serving as pastor of the First Church of the Brethren in Springfield, Illinois. She is also on the pastoral team of the Living Stream online Church of the Brethren, and writes and teaches on the intersections of Protestant Christianity and visual art. Bobbi is passionate about racial and gender justice, beauty and the arts, and reading scripture as a living document. 

Sara Davis

Sara has a background in accounting and a long career at the intersection of accounting and computer technology in the financial industry.  She currently works at Western Asset Management in portfolio operations where her focus is technology, trade flow, investment data and account surveillance.  Sara is currently on the Board of Camp La Verne; she teaches Pre-K Sunday School and she participates in the Sanctuary flower arrangement and Sunday Children’s story rotations at the La Verne Church of the Brethren in La Verne, California. 

Anna Lisa Gross

Anna Lisa is an itinerant preacher (an interim pastor who lives in a van). Anna Lisa grew up on a small organic farm in Indiana and has also lived in India, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Guatemala, Portland, OR, Minneapolis and central PA. She’s traveled in Jordan, Palestine, Israel, France and Canada as well. Anna Lisa has worked with people from many cultures, faiths and worldviews, and (simply, absolutely) trusts the vibrant variety of stories and symbols that humans use to navigate the complexities of life. 

Carol Lindquist

Carol is retired after more than four decades as a public school and university administrator. Those years taught her much about how the values of organizational power systems drive their impact on individuals and expansive communities. She continues to work on behalf of organizational self-reflection through her involvement with community organizations and higher education. A member of the Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren in Fort Wayne, IN, Carol also advocates boldly for the musical arts as they connect, heal, and serve to level socio-economic inequities.

Sandi Evans Rogers

Sandi is serving as intentional interim pastor at Woodbridge CoB (VA). She is humbled to invest in the lives of all those God directs and allows to intersect her life. She enjoys developing innovative spiritual formation opportunities and ministry programs for the whole body of Christ to grow in loving their neighbors authentically. She is looking forward to being a part of the Womaen’s Caucus Steering team; discerning how she might support and encourage the caucus to live into our purpose and goals.

M. Gresh

M is currently serving as the pastor of the Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren in Glen Arm, MD. She lives with her dog, Rue, and spends her free time reading, playing board games and crafting.

Mothers of Caucus

Betty Jo Buckingham – Mary Cline Dietrich – Jan Eller – Pamela Brubaker – Zandra Wagoner – Carol Wise – Shirley Kirkwood – Janine Katonah – Dorothy Steele – Cindy Weber-Han – Sondra Simmons – Those Unnamed