Counting the Cost in Leadership Development

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    The call to church leadership comes as we sense a bigger purpose in our lives, or feel a tap on the shoulder by someone who believes in our potential to bring wisdom and compassion to the Church of the Brethren. When Womaen’s Caucus learned that half the nominees for the Annual Conference ballot never fill out the Nominee Information Form (and, therefore, are never considered for the ballot), we grieved all those gifted and faithful individuals who do not serve at denominational tables of leadership.
    This year, Womaen’s Caucus is elevating denominational attention to processes for electing leaders with special attention on the barriers faced by women and marginalized persons as they seek to fulfill their calling into leadership of the Church of the Brethren.
    Come, join two new online, hourlong webinars dedicated to growing our pool of future church leaders, both in numbers and perspective. The window for receiving nominations for the AC ballot is open, so invite others within your congregation and district to participate, too.
    Email to register and receive a short document that will provide background information.

LEADERSHIP IN THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN – Tuesday, August 24, 8 pm Eastern  This session will be recorded for later access on the Womaen’s Caucus website, and will help frame the conversation for the October 5 workshop.

    Election results reveal a pattern of who is most likely to serve in elected Church of the Brethren leadership roles. Despite adopted statements indicating denominational support for females, BIPOC, and people from across the denomination geographically, the pattern of electing males (often white male pastors) remains. Why is that?
    A wide range of reasons have been suggested: beliefs about role and capability of non-white non-male leaders, the financial impact and child care needs created by leadership roles, the emotional cost of being considered for an office, and personal uncertainty about the viability of the denomination. This webinar will explore these and other barriers in order to reduce their impact as we seek to develop strong leaders for the future. Leadership will include prior participants in the election process and those who names have been submitted but were never placed on the ballot. 
    Hosted jointly by Annual Conference leaders and the Womaen’s Caucus Steering Committee, suggestions for improvement will be shared with those overseeing and participating in the AC election process. This session will be recorded for later access on the Womaen’s Caucus website.