From Nomination to Election

Tuesday, October 5, 8pm (Eastern)

Have you been nominated? Have you nominated someone? (Or you’re at least thinking about it?) When Womaen’s Caucus learned that half of the people nominated never fill out their Nominee Information Form (and therefore are never considered for the ballot) we grieved all those gifted and faithful individuals who may have interest, may feel called, but found too many barriers. In conversation with representatives of the Nominating Committee, we have discovered that they also would like to better understand what barriers nominees are experiencing – let’s work and pray together for a healthier and more diverse church!

In this session you’ll hear from others who have been nominated, get tips on filling out those forms, and generate new ideas for this process. You’ll also find solidarity with others who know putting our hats in the ring can be vulnerable! And we’ll share advice on encouraging others to follow through on Nominee Information Forms, so that our heartfelt nominations of others get to see the light of day.

Register on our facebook event page or email us to get the zoom link.

Leadership in the Church of the Brethren workshop

As we speak truth to power we are generating power. Stories can change us; stories can change our culture. Womaen’s Caucus wants to generate power with you as we call the equitable, just, diverse and passionate church! Let’s get equipped:

Leadership in the Church of the Brethren Workshop

Tuesday, Aug 24, 8pm (Eastern)

How do people get on Program and Arrangements Committee anyway? And Standing Committee—how is that different from Mission & Ministry Board? Do Brethren Benefit Trust and On Earth Peace pick their own board members or do we? How do I nominate people? Who can I nominate? What do I do if I get nominated? How do we deal with getting nominated every year but never making it on the ballot? Or getting on the ballot but then the delegates vote for someone else – publicly and painfully? Bring all your other good questions, too, and Nominating Committee and Annual Conference Officers will be with us as we get equipped to lead the church: today and tomorrow.

Register on facebook event page or by emailing us, and we’ll send you the zoom link.