There’s been so much to say…June 2024 Femailings

We recognized our stories in each other’s. We reckoned with the harm in our history and our present.

We leaned in to one another and the gently powerful love of God, who is with us in pain and in healing.

Our spring book study of Her Words, My Voice by Heidi Ramer flew by. We ended each of 4 nights on zoom with plenty more to say. Stay tuned for a fall book study (of this or another related book). We’re digging in to be part of the solution!

I really appreciated the opportunity to be in courageous and vulnerable space with other CoB women and have conversation around issues and stories of power, exploitation, trauma, and abuse. In a tradition that follows a wounded Healer, we are strengthened by sharing in our common vulnerability and need. – Bobbi Dykema

logo for 2024 Annual Conference, heart in orange and red with cross

Welcome to the new Director of Intercultural Ministries Founa Badet!

We met with Founa to share our visions for the Church of the Brethren, young and emerging leaders, and God’s desire for diversity and justice. Founa invites you to get in touch if you are interested in building an Intercultural Community by completing this form for further communication.

If you feel discouraged by the enormity of harm—through abuses of power; marginalization of women, people of color, young people, lgbtq persons, those with disabilities; dangerous political tensions; struggling churches and communities—this promise from the book of Galations may be a welcome mantra for such a time as this.