Kingian Nonviolence Workshop

As Womaen’s Caucus and Supportive Communities Network work for justice and healing in the Church of the Brethren, we have invited On Earth Peace to facilitate an exploration of the power and possibility of Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation as a method for interpersonal and group conflict, and nonviolent social change organizing. During this session, we will explore the meaning of nonviolence (a rich conversation in our pacifist tradition!), consider the three social dynamics of nonviolence, and briefly introduce the 6 principles and 6 steps of Kingian Nonviolence. 

This will be facilitated by Matt Guynn, Dr. Mary Lou Finley and Dr Joan May Cordova

*gathering tools* to *shift the culture* to *build the church of the future, now*

Workshop Registration

Please register to join us! This workshop will take place Tuesday, November 10th at 4:30 PT/7:30 ET and is a 90 minute session. 

Please send us an email with your name and KNV Registration in the subject line –

If you tried to register before 10/27 at 3pm, please email us, our form wasn’t working properly.