Faith and Reproductive Rights Think Session

Womaen’s Caucus  Thinking Session

Faith and Reproductive Rights, October 20th at 8pm Eastern

Recent legislation to shut down the decision-making autonomy of people who can get pregnant carries implications well beyond the availability of abortions. Reproductive politics are connected:

  • to social issues of immigration and incarceration, 
  • to economic issues of welfare and education, and 
  • to faith perspectives that are used and abused to benefit those in power.

Where does the Church of the Brethren? How does faith influence our individual thinking and collective action? How does reproductive justice intersect with efforts to continue the work of Jesus? The 2022 Caucus luncheon at Annual Conference began unpeeling these layers and committed to further discussion. Whether or not you joined that lunch conversation, the issues weigh heavily on each of us and on all of us!

Join a Womaen’s Caucus Zoom “Thinking Session” on October 20 at 8:00 pm (EDT). For 75 minutes, large and small group conversations will study denominational statements and the work of well-regarded non-Church of the Brethren voices. Information will also be provided about an upcoming training offered by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice entitled Compassionate Care 101.

A reminder email with the Zoom link will be sent on October 18 and the Zoom link will be posted to the Womaen’s Caucus website on that same day.

To bolster your individual thinking prior to this event, you are encouraged to explore the resources linked below.


Church of the Brethren Statements   
1972 Statement on Abortion     
1983 Human Sexuality from a Christian Perspective                                            
1984 Statement on Abortion (based on 1972 statement)

A Beginner’s Guide to Reproductive Justice                
This collaborative organization has posted a broad overview of the history of the reproductive justice movement and the critical issues to be addressed. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Reproductive Justice                                                   
This feminist commercial organization supports activism through the sale of feminist fashion. This particular blog references the book Reproductive Justice: An Introduction by Loretta J. Ross and Rickie Solinger and the essay entitled A New Vision for Reproductive Justice written by Forward Together (formerly Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice). 

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice                                               
This broad faith organization supports reproductive choice through education and advocacy. Caucus has become affiliated with this group and will offer CEUs for training pastors in Compassionate Care. You are encouraged to investigate the two links to Issues and Religious Resources.

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