Femailings September 2022


noun: the process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something

After two years of physical distance, the 2022 Womaen’s Caucus Annual Conference luncheon gathered in Omaha. We intentionally built a program that encouraged table discussions among new and long-standing friends. So much had changed in personal lives as well as in a world traumatized by medical, economic, and social upheaval! With enthusiasm and hope, table groups shared their perceptions of challenges now facing women and ways that Womaen’s Caucus could work to address them. The overwhelming plea was for Caucus to bring people together to learn and support one another.

On October 20, 2022, Caucus will begin a series of Zoom Thinking Sessions on the topic of “Living as an Intergenerational Church.” Generations are typically defined as all the people living within a designated time period, and generations are characterized by the contexts in which they live: self-identity and needs, sense of purpose at their time in history, hopes and fears.

Each Thinking Session will focus on a characteristic of different generations and how it impacts participation in the Church of the Brethren. Topics include: surviving our flawed denominational history, diminishing rights of women internationally, and how persons coming into the turmoil since the 1983 paper on human sexuality feel connected to or disconnected from the CoB.

Two weeks before each session, short reading materials will be posted on the Womaen’s Caucus website for those who wish to grow their thoughts on the topic. Sessions will last about 75 minutes, beginning at 8:00 pm Eastern time, with short comments about the topic and questions for participant discussion in Zoom breakout rooms. Small group comments will be shared with the full group and help to drive future actions by Caucus and others with similar concerns.

It has been said that if you can’t stop thinking about something, you shouldn’t stop working on it.

Thinking Session: Faith and Reproductive Rights

October 20, 2022 8:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time
Watch for an email with the Zoom link/check the WC website

Womaen’s Caucus remains committed to working on creating a faith community free from attitudes and practices of injustice.

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