First “Think” with Caucus

Sisters, Brothers, and Siblings on the Journey,

With excitement and hope, Womaen’s Caucus invites you to join its first-ever “Thinkers” event on Zoom on November 2 at 8 pm EST!

For approximately 75 minutes, “Think” with us as we consider new ways of nominating and electing CoB denominational leaders and imagine effective support systems for persons elected and those who are not elected. Using both small group discussion and whole group interaction, our intent is to develop recommendations to update our leadership processes to reflect today’s family, work, and church needs.

Recently, Caucus and the AC Leadership team have been looking at obstacles to serving in CoB denominational leadership positions elected at the Annual Conference. And there are a lot of obstacles! Now it is time to consider new ways of developing future leaders, electing them, and supporting them in their work on behalf of the whole church.

Two discussion questions will guide our work. First, how can the process
for receiving nominations and preparing the AC ballot be changed to attract more participants and broader representation of the denomination?  Second, how can AC-elected leadership positions be reconfigured to make them more appealing to a greater variety of potential nominees while meeting current and future denominational needs? 

We encourage you to review this document that describes the current process for nominations/elections and provide a summary of what we have learned during the past eighteen months of our research. Click here to view the document. 

November 2 is Election Day on many calendars, an easy reminder to join us. Please contact us for zoom information.