Blessings amid the barriers

Kathryn LaPointe, Rebekah Flores, Susan Boyer and Tabitha Rudy shared stories: of barriers to leadership, of God’s call to minister within congregations and with new neighbors, of empowerment and deep love, in the manner of Jesus.

The gathering was full of blessing, and these benedictions were shared in the chat:

Thank you all for this important discussion. I think the great power we have is to speak our truth and move others by our stories to create a groundswell that can shift the power dynamic.

May God’s Spirit open ears and hearts to listen to the truth spoken by powerful voices.

We have been illuminated – let us illuminate.

My prayer: to hold the hearts of the oppressor in light to soften the harshness, to help release suffering, to nourish healing, to find praise and peace in Divinity.

Blessings of Love; Light on your paths, and Strength for the journey! I feel we really are here for one another…on our paths, easy or hard, challenged or blessed!

Do not stop questioning, thinking, talking, DO NOT STOP!!!