Rejuvenating after Annual Conference 2021

We celebrated Womaen’s Caucus’ 50th anniversary with 50 devices (and more than 50 people) praying for God’s reconciling and transforming justice in our lives and church. We lamented the lack of women and other marginalized persons in denominational leadership. We shared stories of empowerment to leadership, and barriers to leadership, including a lack of mentoring for ministers, the sabotage of women on the ballot, and theology that preaches male and white supremacy.

We gathered on Saturday, the final evening of Annual Conference, with the question: how will you care for yourself and rejuvenate at the end of this exhausting week? The gathered body of Christ named
  • laughing with friends
  • spending time in God’s creation
  • singing hymns
  • eating nourishing and delicious food, and more as we celebrated being together through a zoom meeting.

In this rapidly changing church and world, Womaen’s Caucus is generating power with the wise, faithful, fierce margins of the church: women, people of color, lgbtq and variously-abled persons. We are salt for the earth, teaches Jesus. In this spirit we offer a panel discussion on July 15, workshop on August 24, and sharing session on Oct 5.


We closed our Annual Conference networking session singing “You are salt for the earth, o people, bring forth the Kingdom of God!”

(Thanks to Living Peace Church of the Brethren in Ohio for the song!)

One thought on “Rejuvenating after Annual Conference 2021

  1. This is wonderful to hear and read about. For some reason I was unaware of this happening and am so sorry that I missed it.
    Thanks and blessings to each one who helped plan and celebrate this milestone. We still have important work to do and so many are engaged in it fearlessly as befits children of God.
    Mary Cline Detrick

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