Caucus’ Renewed Purpose

What does the feminist movement mean today?

The scope has widened to include equality for all groups and a call for proactive diversity because we recognize that our human community needs full participation. Womaen’s Caucus continues to work for equality and diversity so that together we may move reality closer to Jesus’ vision for a new world.

Through education, Womaen’s Caucus

  • will build understanding of the intersectional issues facing women (e.g., sexism, economic inequalities, violence, reproductive rights) and the conditions that influence them; and
  • will help persons and organizations develop the needed skills to remedy the dynamics of power and injustice that contribute to gender inequality.

Through personal support, Womaen’s Caucus

  • will provide safe spaces for women to speak the truth about their life experiences and offer resources of support;
  • will bear witness to the strengths and courage of feminists within the church; and
  • will work toward social transformation with like-minded groups inside and outside the Church of the Brethren.

Through advocacy, Womaen’s Caucus

  • will seek broad-based participation in activities intended to achieve gender equality;
  • will speak loudly within the Church of the Brethren, calling it into accountability around issues of gender inequality; and
  • will act boldly to change practices that limit opportunities within the church for all persons to live and serve equally.