Calling In: A Letter for AC Leadership

Recently, the members of the Steering Committee notified Church of the Brethren denominational and Annual Conference leaders of our strong objection to the use of the racist metaphor underpinning the published work of Dr. Tod Bolsinger. Our objections to the book rest on the elevation of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Expedition as a model of Christian leadership. At the invitation of the Annual Conference Office and with initial endorsement of his book, Canoeing the Mountains, Dr. Bolsinger is scheduled to speak five times at Conference. 

We encourage you to read the letter  in its entirety, reflecting on how we, individually and collectively, confront bias against marginalized persons. Together, we can make change!

Letter to AC Leadership

We received a response from the leadership of Annual Conference. Please read the following

2021-05-05 Officers reply to Womaen's Caucus' 4-19-21 letter

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