Femailing June 2021 – Generating Power

We’d like to thank our long time layout whisperer Mary Jane Shearer for all the work she’s done to put together Femailings throughout the years. We have greatly benefited from your creativity and attention to detail! We’d also like to thank Kathy Gingrich for her editing work on Femailings over the past few years. Thank you for stepping in and taking Femailings to new places. We are deeply grateful for the skills you both have shared! 

We live with a pandemic of patriarchy which elevates aggressive, egotistical masculinity, and scorns vulnerability and intuition, diagnosing them as “feminine” and weak. We grieve that these diseases are flourishing in the Church of the Brethren. We have identified a few areas that we are ready to help treat. And we see health and vitality that we are eager to celebrate.

Our summer/fall line-up of events are treatment and celebration. Read on and mark your calendar! View and download the newest Femailing. 

July 3: Annual Conference networking session at 5:30pm Eastern
July 15: Speaking Truth to Power panel (Susan Boyer, Tabitha Rudy, Kathryn LaPointe and Rebekah Flores): stories of barriers to leadership at 8pm Eastern
August 24: Leadership in the CoB Workshop
October 5: From Nomination to Election session
Also in this Femailings:Introducing Carla Gillespie, our newest steering committee member
Calling In the AC Leadership Team
This Femailing was edited by Anna Lisa Gross. And we thank her for offering her gifts.

We are looking forward to spending time with you virtually again this year!