Femailing June 2020


Article highlights in this issue:

“There isn’t going to be a perfect time, when we are strong enough to work for justice and peace. There is only now.” – from “The Protest of Martha” written by Gimbiya Kettering

“The names, faces and labels might be different, but we still struggle with not only welcoming everyone to the table Christ has set for us, but sending the invitation in the first place.” – from “Building up the Body of Christ” written by Madalyn Metzger

Welcoming a new steering committee member, Kathryn LaPointe!

Two reflections from the Clergy Women’s Retreat from Pastors Cesia Morrison and Lidia Gonzalez.

“Food insecurity was a reality for ~ 1/8 people in the US before COVID-19 and increase with myriad anxieties and injustices.” – from “Women and Food” written by Anna Lisa Gross

Read, enjoy and discuss!

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