Speaking Truth to Power

Virtual Luncheon 2020

Friday, July 3rd we hosted our panelists Gimbiya Kettering, Debbie Eisenbise and Madalyn Metzger. These three wise, fierce, faithful, patient and passionate church leaders, writers and speakers shared with us their personal stories of speaking truth to power. They also spoke the much needed truth to us. We need visionaries who are grounded both within the church and beyond the church,who call their church and world to Jesus’ radical love. The panel moved us to thought and action. 

We invite you to view the recorded session in the Living Stream archive

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2 thoughts on “Speaking Truth to Power

  1. Many years ago I was licensed into the CoB at the Gettysburg Church of the Brethren. The youth in Southern District voted me in as their leader for three years in a row. I drove from church to church in the summers to spread the word about our denomination with their youth groups.
    When I went to Elizabethtown College, I had a wonderful experience when attending their church on Sundays. However, when I was engaged to be married, my Rev. Herb Smith, husband to be was out at Bethany Seminary in Oak Brook. At one point, the Dean called me in and told me that he heard that I was engaged to Herb Smith. And then he said that “I couldn’t be a minister and be married to one, too.”
    Needless to say, I was heartsick when I heard that, but at the same time, I knew that God had given me the man of my dreams in terms of working in our churches. Thus, I did as I was told to do and gave up my license.
    In all of the years since then, I have sorely regretted that I could not be a minister and be married to one too. When I recently asked our district if I could have my license renewed, they said that I would have to go through all of the proceses again in order to get it.
    That license hangs here on my wall at our home in McPherson, Kansas. It makes me sad when I look at it because I feel like I’ve been cheated of my calling.
    When i asked someone in our district about it, they said that I would have to go through the whole process again. However, at 75 years of age, I wonder if it’s worth it.
    I love the Church of the Brethren with all of my heart, as Alexander Mack was my Great Grandfather 20 generations removed. My grandmother, Daisy Miller, used to recite our lineage the whole way back to Alexander Mack’s family.
    Can you clarify for me exactly what I, after all these years,
    would have to do to hold that precious license in my hands again? Thank you and God’s blessings.

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