Femailings September 2022

Reproductive Justice

Training for Ministers

Many of us are mourning the loss of bodily autonomy and access to needed medical care in the wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision in June. And many of us are wanting something concrete and tangible to DO. While there already are good networks to connect those in need with care (https://abortionfunds.org/ is a good place to start), as people of faith we see a need for empowered and compassionate spiritual companionship for those making pregnancy decisions or undergoing pregnancy loss. 

To that end, Womaen’s Caucus is partnering with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice to offer a learning opportunity: Compassionate Care 101. This course will be primarily self-guided, with several live Zoom discussions along the way to process and reflect together. CEUs available. Register for the course here and plan to participate in Zoom sessions with other CoB learners on November 17, December 15, and January 19 at 8pm Eastern. Please email womaenscaucuscob@gmail.com once you have registered to obtain the Zoom discussion group links. 

Course Description: Compassionate Care 101 provides an overview of and practice opportunities with the care skills needed to facilitate a process whereby people, who are making reproductive decisions or experiencing reproductive loss, access their own inner strengths, resources, values, and knowledge to make and implement decisions that are right for themselves and/or to heal.
Course Goals: By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the core goals of compassionate care
  • Enhance your ability to center and be guided by the values, needs and goals of the care seeker
  • Recognize and effectively manage the power differences that can impact the quality of compassionate care
  • Develop a working knowledge of and proficiency in core communication skills need to support individuals making life decisions or experiencing significant loss
Course Topics: Pre-Assessment, Core Goals, Core Skills, Values Clarification/Impact of Values, Navigating Intercultural Differences and Power Dynamics, and Simulated Conversation  
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