Womaen’s Caucus Annual Conference Plans

Visit us at the Booth

If you’ll be with us in person, please come by to chat, read about some of our history and weave with us.  

Luncheon: Taking Our Turn in Line

Monday July 11th at 12 noon

We renew our relationships with one another and with the work of Womaen’s Caucus as we gather in person! Gathering at tables is a sacred setting to share powerful stories, recalling the feminists whose heavy lifting changed our world – and then we’ll consider ways to take our own places in line. A bucket brigade, a picket line, a parade: we write history together now. Whether you are a long-time affiliate of Caucus or simply curious, you are welcome to these tables! 

Equipping Session: Justice, Transformative Leadership, and the Future of the CoB

Tuesday July 12th at 8:30 pm Central Time

Is there a crisis of leadership in the CoB? What are the internal and external contributors to this crisis? As potential leaders “count the cost,” are too many finding that the time commitments and emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental costs are too high? What fearless, adaptive, and innovative responses to these challenges might we work toward together? For those registered for virtual AC, please join us online!