Position on Abortion

In 2010, the Womaen’s Caucus of the Church of the Brethren articulated a goal of advocating a position on abortion that is prayerfully respectful of women as moral decisionmakers. With legislation and judicial decisions unfolding rapidly around reproductive healthcare, we felt that now is the time to articulate a clear position.

With regard to legislation and judicial decisions, we assert that the state has no authority or right to compel a person to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth, and deplore the efforts of legislators and courts to curtail or diminish the constitutional right to privacy. Pregnancy decisions must rest with the pregnant person, their doctor, and their higher power. While we may seek to encourage the pregnant person to graciously allow their body to carry a new human life into the world, no other person or entity has the right to compel the pregnant person to do so. The pregnant person’s life, health, bodily autonomy, human potential, and religious freedom must be the primary concern.

In John 10:10, Jesus declares that he has come that we may have life, and life abundant. We believe that safe and legal abortion access is necessary for the abundant life of all those who can become pregnant. Our lives, health, autonomy, and potential are precious in God’s sight. May they also be precious to those entrusted with making policy decisions. Amen.

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WC Statement on Abortion 2022